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Uganda ready to trade with Russia in roubles and Ugandan shillings

Uganda's Ambassador to Russia, Moses Kizige, said this in an interview with RIA Novosti.

He also said that Uganda was ready to export its electric cars (Kiira Motors) to Russia and was waiting for the Russian car industry in its market:

"We are open to cooperation with Russian car companies, for example, we have recently concluded an agreement with KAMAZ to build a factory in Uganda to produce trucks to sell in the African market."

Kizige said there are plans to launch direct flights between the countries and immediate plans for cooperation:

"The Ugandan foreign minister is going to come this year, then several Russian ministers will go to Uganda on the eve of the summit to hold an inter-governmental commission. We recently issued a dozen visas to Russian businessmen who went to Uganda".

The ambassador confirmed the previously announced plans for Russian participation in the construction of a nuclear power plant in Uganda:

"Because of COVID-19, this project has stalled, but an inter-governmental commission will soon be held in Kampala and this topic will be discussed as a priority. As well as our joint plans for projects in space".

The ambassador also confirmed the participation of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni in the Russia-Africa summit to be held in St Petersburg in 2023.