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Mobile exhibition "About Africa with love"

With the information support of AFROCOM on the eve of the Second Russia-Africa Summit, our partner in cultural and business Russian-African projects and public diplomacy - the international association GATINGO together with the ANO "Centre for Public Diplomacy" presented the author's mobile art project "About Africa with Love! " in Moscow at the Second International Forum "Russia-Africa: what's next?", at MGIMO (24-31 October 2022), at the Second International Parliamentary Conference "Russia-Africa" (19-21 March 2023) and at the Moscow House of Nationalities (26 June-20 July 2023). And also the project was successfully presented directly at the summit during its working days (25-28 July 2023).
The relevance of the international author's mobile art project "About Africa with Love!" can hardly be overestimated.
It is a demonstration of both traditional cultural codes embeded in artworks and an open broadcast of Russian-African cultural unity, which is vividly and colorfully displayed by the exhibited works of contemporary African and Russian painters, of whom there are more than thirty in the project today and the list of participants is constantly updated with new names.
The authors and curators of the art project "About Africa with Love!" are Tatiana Tudvaseva and Tatiana Jolivet.