The goal and objectives of AFROCOM are to promote and protect Russian trade and economic interests in the African markets. The members are the Russian companies interested in operating in various African countries and foreign companies seeking to enter the Russian market.
What We Do
Goals and Objectives
Assistance, coordination, trade and economic support of business projects of international economy, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation between Russia and Africa.
Participation in projects and initiatives is aimed at solving the problems of Africa.
AFROCOM has opened its representative offices in 17 African countries.
Implementation of a policy aimed at developing comprehensive ties and mutually beneficial cooperation between the Russian Federation and African countries.
Participation in solving problems of environmental protection, rational use of the world's natural resources, the introduction of energy-saving, harmless technologies.
The AFROCOM – Coordinating Committee for Economic Cooperation with African Countries where Igor Nikolaevich Morozov, Senator of the Russian Federation, member of the Committee on Economic Policy, was elected Chairman of the Committee in the order of rotation.

AFROCOM carries out its activities with the active support of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly and government institutions. The competitive advantages of AFROCOM are the presence of direct contacts with senior management and leading representatives of the business community of African states and direct links with Chambers of Commerce and Industry and associations of industrialists and entrepreneurs of the continent. AFROCOM has opened its representative offices in 17 African countries.