Ethiopia and Djibouti are united into one business mission for a reason. Djibouti's ports are Ethiopia's gateway to global markets, so it is fundamentally important to consider economic engagement with these countries together.

During the trip, AFROCOM will familiarize Russian business with opportunities and characteristics of work in Ethiopia and Djibouti, organize meetings with representatives of investment agencies, chambers of commerce, relevant ministries, agencies and sovereign wealth funds of these countries.

We will also prepare tailored b2b meetings for Russian entrepreneurs in advance according to their business sector and interests.

Business mission to Ethiopia and Djibouti
from 19.02.2022
to 02.03.2022
The choice of the country is not accidental. Uganda is characterized by a high degree of political stability and steady economic growth. Through Uganda, the so-called "Northern Transport Corridor", international trade operations are carried out with the Eastern Provinces of the DRC, Rwanda, Burundi, and the Republic of South Sudan. The country has launched the largest infrastructure projects in Africa, in which Russian companies can participate.

Taking into account the urgency of Russian manufacturers entering the fast-growing and capacious African market and taking into account the growing competitive goods and technologies of Russian manufacturers for effective work in entering the African market, the participants of the business mission will be provided with direct B2B meetings, selected in the directions with 2-3 companies of potential Ugandan partners, which the organizers of the business mission will choose for each Russian participant in advance, meetings will take place in the offices of Ugandan partners and in the office of th
from 07.11.2021
to 13.11.2021
Business mission in Uganda