Chairman of AFROCOM Igor Morozov delivered a speech at the meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences Presidium
Chairman of AFROCOM, Russian Senator Igor Nikolaevich Morozov spoke at the meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences on February 9 where the report of the Director of the Institute of Africa of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Corresponding Member of the RAS Irina Olegovna Abramova: "Geostrategic scramble for Africa and Russia's interests in the run-up to the second Russia-Africa Summit" was presented.

Morozov thanked the Institute of Africa RAS for the information support, so important for the inter-parliamentary platforms.

The senator also spoke about the need to support Russian regional business in the process of entering African markets:

"The Federation Council is a chamber of regions, so we closely monitor how national projects are implemented. Especially for us, who are engaged in Africa, the project of international cooperation and export is important. Today the regional economy is working for export, and regional Export Support Centers have been set up. Our entrepreneurs produce a very wide range of high-tech products, and they need a market. Therefore, access to Africa is an extremely important strategic necessity for strengthening our regions and expanding industrial production. It is our survival under such difficult conditions of American and European sanctions. Similar sanctions were imposed during the Cold War".

Morozov expressed the opinion that Russian regions are able to meet almost all the needs in the African market, in any sphere, especially in digital services:

"The digitalization of Africa is moving by leaps and bounds, and we can compete there with everyone - with the US, EU countries, China. They are waiting for us in Africa".

Russian Senator Igor Morozov once again emphasized that the task of entering African markets is vital and strategic. Over the last 25 years other countries have come to the continent, creating new institutions and mechanisms of financing state support for their businesses, even in spite of the market economies of these countries. They have created industry funds, as well as special financing terms through a system of technology parks and free trade zones:

"The construction of the Russian industrial zone in Egypt, as the first zone with preferences for the localization of our enterprises is the number one task, but it is only one zone. China already has 40 technology parks in Africa".

According to the senator, the Federation Council understands that it is necessary to change the Russian export legislation:

"Large projects are great, but it takes a long time, and we don't have time. There are regions for that, so business missions and other initiatives should have strong state support. We need to change the system of this state support, look and study the experience of our competitors. We need an investment fund to support Russian businesses willing to enter African markets. We need free economic zones, intergovernmental commissions should work in every country. The work in the African direction is so slow precisely because of the lack of all these measures".

Chairman of AFROCOM Morozov also drew attention to the prospects of the digital ruble to pay for foreign trade transactions, as well as the mechanism of accounting concessions to exploit natural resources in investment projects and foreign trade transactions.

"We need to change the legislation for all this. The Federation Council is ready for this," Morozov concluded.

Full speech of the Chairman of AFROCOM, Russian Senator Igor Nikolaevich Morozov:
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