Russia has increased sausage exports to African countries
The countries of the African continent have increased the number of purchases of Russian sausage. This was reported by the Center for Industry Expertise of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

Since 2021, Benin has purchased 31 tons of meat and sausage products from Russia, Liberia — 9, and Ghana - 6.

"Entering the African market is an indicator of deep processing of animal raw materials. Local taste preferences differ significantly from post-Soviet ones. To promote products on the continent, manufacturers have to master new technologies," said Andrey Dalnov, head of the Center.

According to analysts, the volume of exports of domestic sausages by the end of 2021 will exceed 55,000 tons.

Moscow is strengthening relations with the countries of the African Continent. The services provided by Russian firms are in great demand among Africans.
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