Chairman of the AFROCOM, Igor Morozov gives his speech at a round table dedicated to the activities of the Russian Export center
Chairman of the AFROCOM and Senator of the Russian Federation, Igor Morozov, expressed his opinion on the work and activities of the Russian Export Center (REC) at a round table organized on 13th December in the Federation Council.

"The digital transformation that you are currently carrying out in the REC is being done in order to create a digital infrastructure on the territory of the Russian Federation. But you are the headquarters, you are the think tank. And you need to look beyond the horizons. When the flow of exporters goes to Africa, you will no longer be able to cope with this flow, even if you transform everything into digital. And the most important question is how to manage these flows beyond the horizons.

Speaking on the upcoming Russia-Africa Summit in 2022, Mr. Morozov noted the importance of the boost for cooperation that this summit is meant to give, and also pointed out the importance of creating the Russia-Africa Fund within the framework of the REC.

Full speech by Igor Morozov:

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