"The Singapore of Africa", industrial parks and business trips: what were the main points discussed at the Russia–Ethiopia–Djibouti Business Forum?
On January 24, a business forum "Russia – Ethiopia – Djibouti: Prospects for Business Development" was held at the site of the RF CCI in a hybrid format. The event brought together a wide range of people interested in developing cooperation in this area: the ambassadors of Russia, Ethiopia and Djibouti, representatives of government agencies, business and scientific people, the clergy. The forum was moderated by the Senator of the Russian Federation and also Chairman of AFROCOM Igor Nikolaevich Morozov.

Ethiopia and Djibouti are united by this forum for one reason. The ports of Djibouti are the gateways to world markets for Ethiopia, so it is fundamentally important to consider economic cooperation with these countries together.

The reports of the forum participants confirmed the vector of development of Djibouti as the "Singapore of Africa". With a small territory, Djibouti seeks to maximize its EGP for economic development through increased cooperation with Russia.

For the further development of historically close Russian-Ethiopian relations, the widest possible range of areas of interaction was identified, including through the localization of Russian business in the system of industrial and agricultural parks of the country. Recent socio-political developments in Ethiopia also open up new horizons for expanding cooperation.

It was announced at the forum that the AFROCOM business trip to Ethiopia and Djibouti will begin on February 20th. The business trips will clearly demonstrate to its participants the investment opportunities of the countries in specific areas of cooperation.

Detailed materials about the investment opportunities of Ethiopia and Djibouti, as well as important decisions made at the forum, can be found in the next materials of AFROCOM.
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