AFROCOM and MGRI sign cooperation agreement
The Sergo Ordzhonikidze Russian State University for Geological Prospecting (MGRI) hosted a solemn signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between the university and the Coordinating Committee on Economic Cooperation with African Countries (AFROCOM) under the supervision of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

In behalf of MGRI, the document was signed by the acting rector Yuri Panov. And to represent the interest of AFROCOM was the chairman of the committee, Senator of the Russian Federation Igor Morozov.

The purpose of this cooperation agreement between MGRI and AFROCOM is to establish long-term relations on international scientific, educational and cultural cooperation, establishment of MGRI representative offices in Africa, the intensification and improvement of quality of training of foreign specialists, as well as the training of graduates for work on the ground in Russian geological companies operating in the territory of African countries, and it’s important that these companies carry out orientation and selection of the best candidates for future training in Russia.

The Chairman of AFROCOM, Russian Senator Igor Morozov, addressing the Academic Council of MGRI, said:

"AFROCOM's goal is to present new knowledge to our regional businesses. Today, the African continent is going through digitalization and transformation at a rapid pace. Africa is a promising continent. In less than a decade, entire economies will be fighting to cooperate with African governments, and our task is to be there now, on their demands.

This year, in November, we will have the second Russia-Africa summit and economic forum. We need to seriously prepare ourselves for this event. I am sure the university needs to participate in various programs in its educational module. One of them already exists - this is the "GEOARTEC" career guidance project. According to our agreement, we will be able to organize the participation of African students in this project. They will come to MGRI to study in the future. And in order for them to come to study with you, "GEOARTEC" must be discussed at a very high level, and then the next step will be to introduce the university to these future students, to show them our cultural capital St. Petersburg and to involve them in a way at the second summit. We need to get these young people interested and motivated in this way.

I am absolutely confident that we will find points of convergence in our cooperation in educational programs and other areas, and most importantly, in the future, in 1or 2 years, students of MGRI will be able to get practical training in Africa".

Acting Rector of MGRI Yuri Panov, noted that MGRI is already an active participant in the international market of educational services, about 20% of MGRI students are citizens of foreign countries, including African countries.

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