Lagos, Cairo and Nairobi lead African cities in eCommerce order volumes
The Mobile World Live report noted that a vibrant e-commerce market is already emerging across the continent, but four countries - Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya and South Africa – have made the most progress.

It also ranked African cities by e-commerce market size:
1) Lagos (Nigeria)
2) Cairo (Egypt)
3) Nairobi (Kenya)
4) Casablanca (Morocco)
5) Abidjan (Cote d'Ivoire)
6) Giza (Egypt)
7) Abuja (Nigeria)
8) Accra (Ghana)
9) Kampala (Uganda)
10) Rabat (Morocco)

The report revealed that fashion, with 21 per cent order volume, has the highest purchase on the continent. Beauty products at 15 per cent is second, followed by home goods, food delivery and digital services (12% each). The average order was 30 euros.

The best-selling items are powerbanks, hygiene products and food (sugar, peas and rice).

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