MyOffice, the Russian equivalent of Microsoft Office, conquering Africa
The MyOffice ecosystem from the Russian company New Cloud Technologies offers a set of software capable of competing with Microsoft's Office 365.

The company's main customers are governments and near-government businesses. The company has already struck deals with Burundi, Djibouti, Cameroon, Guinea and other African countries. The company also expects to start selling in 10 national markets in Africa during 2022.

"There are no competitors because, apart from stolen Microsoft, there is nothing in the market. In fact, there is Chinese hardware in Africa, but the Chinese do not sell software for it, so it turns out that we are selling Russian software for Chinese hardware. It seems to me a very profitable interaction," said Dmitry Komissarov, CEO of MyOffice.

Cameroon's Minister of Basic Education earlier said that his government had chosen MyOffice because the software does not require sending data to corporate servers abroad. In addition, MyOffice is much cheaper than its Microsoft counterpart.

The company's expansion is also facilitated by the localization of interfaces into African languages. Pavel Maksimenko, one of the founders of Independence.Digital, which promotes the export of Russian software to foreign markets, said this:

"We discussed for six months with the Burundian presidential administration the sale of 1,000 licences of the MyOffice office package translated into French. Burundi has 11 million people and French is the official language. But, digging a little deeper into the linguistic diversity of the country, we were surprised to discover that French is spoken by only 800,000 people, while the local language Kirundi (Rundi) is spoken by 9 million. The language of Kirundi is quite simple: Latin, from left to right. We offered to localize the Russian product in Kirundi and concluded a contract for 18 thousand licences of MyOffice instead of 1 thousand".

In February 2022, Kaspersky Lab increased its stake in the capital of New Cloud Technologies from 47% to 61.05% through a buyout of shares from the company's private shareholders.
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