M-Pesa platform reaches 30 million active users in Kenya
Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa said Kenya accounts for more than 30 of the 51 million customers of the M-Pesa mobile money transfer platform across the region. The remaining 21 million users are concentrated in Tanzania, DRC, Mozambique, Lesotho, Ghana and Egypt.

M-Pesa provides branchless banking, which enables users to perform the most common banking transactions without having to visit a bank office. M-Pesa is powered by a mobile operator that is not a banking institution.

Safaricom and Vodacom say they are now focused on developing the payment service provider for M-Pesa mobile operator subscribers in other African countries to the same level as in Kenya. They launched M-Pesa Africa in April 2020 to consolidate M-Pesa resources across the continent.

M-Pesa Africa is now investing in a common M-Pesa Super App platform that will enable all markets to benefit from the full range of services and products, this app is already available in Kenya and Tanzania.

M-Pesa has also established local and global partnerships that allow customers to send and receive money and make payments worldwide, including with PayPal, AliExpress and Western Union.

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